France & Germany call for stopping Turkish aggression on Syrian territory

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Monday called upon the EU member states to renew their rejection of the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territory, and to call for stopping it.

Speaking to journalists upon arrival to attend a meeting with his counterparts from the European bloc member states in Luxembourg, Le Drian warned against the consequences and the dangerous humanitarian catastrophe which would result from the Turkish aggression.

“France expects from this meeting to make a certain demand for ending the offensive and to adopt a firm stance towards weapons exports to Turkey,” Le Drian said.

On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting of the Defense and National Security in Paris condemned “in strongest terms” the Turkish offensive in the Syrian territory, calling for immediately stopping it.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned that “other measures” might be taken against Ankara, in addition to stopping weapons exports to Turkey due to its aggression against Syria.

“We want the EU to discuss this issue which is stopping weapons exports to Turkey on the European level, in addition to that, other choices will remain open depending on Turkey’s behavior in the future,” Minister Mass said.

He affirmed that the Turkish offensive in the Syrian territories threatens the stability of the region as a whole and will lead to huge humanitarian consequences, adding that this can’t be watched without taking any measures.

In a relevant context, German Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman on Monday renewed his country’s rejection of the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, affirming that this aggression doesn’t have any legal justification.

Reuters quoted the Spokesman as saying in a press conference that “in light of the current circumstances in Syria, we can’t find any justification for the military intervention in it.”

Two Syrian films harvested five awards at Alexandria film festival

Syria harvested five awards at the 35th edition of Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival which concluded activities on Sunday evening.

Syria’s participation in the festival was limited to films produced by the General Organization for Cinema.

Syrian film titled Darb al-Sama “Sky Road” by Jude Said, Ayman Zidan, Samah al-Qatal and Rami Kousa and directed by Jude Said won three awards.

The awards are Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz Award for the Best Actor which was won by elite Syrian artist Ayman Zidan, Nour al-Sharif Award for the Long Narratives and Documentaries and the Best Scenario Award which was named after the late author Najib Mahfouz at the International Competition.

Meanwhile, Syrian film al-Etiraf “Confession” by director Bassel al-Khatib won the Best Scenario Award within the Arab Competition for the Long Narratives, and the Best Actor Award went for artist Dima Qandalift for her role in the film.

Turkish occupation of Syrian lands

Since outbreak of the Syrian conflict nearly nine years ago, Erdogan has had his eyes set on an Ottoman comeback in Syria. During the conflict, the Turkish regime illegally occupied Syrian cities in the north of the country, which undermines national sovereignty. Turkish flags now fly over local administrative buildings and educational institutions, while schoolbooks teach Ottoman history in Azaz, and the Turkish lira is accepted currency in Al-Bab. Ankara provides the population with electricity, gives out salaries to locals residents, and also tries to provide security on the streets.

Ankara’s ambitions to create the Ottoman Empire and conquer part of Syria are reported in the “Sama TV” channel.

Erdogan’s occupation regime is actively using militants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to intervene in northern Syria and spread its false ideology.

However, the Turks do not understand that the Syrians want to live in Syria, the Arabs want to remain Arabs! Despite Turkey’s active colonial policy, most Syrians are and will be resisting! Syria is united and intends to maintain its sovereignty!

Turkish regime’s continued support to terrorists in Syria

New evidence exposing the strong link between the Turkish regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and terrorist organizations and the continued support it provides to them has come up to the surface as the so-called “National Front for Liberation” terrorist organization has admitted that the Turkish regime has always and is still providing logistic, military and intelligence support to it.

Speaking through media outlets which are partners in shedding the blood of the Syrians, the Front’s Spokesman Naji Mustafa revealed that the Turkish support for terrorist organizations which spread in Idleb and Hama countryside and other areas has never stopped, adding that the Turkish regime has provided anti-armor TOW missiles for terrorists in an attempt for hampering the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army to liberate these areas from terrorism.

The details of the battles in which the Syrian Arab Army fights against terrorist organizations in Hama countryside and in Idleb southern countryside have exposed the Turkish support for the terrorist organizations as the cameras of the national media have documented the armored vehicles and troop carriers which have been destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army in its battles against terrorists which represent conclusive evidence on the huge support provided by the Turkish regime to terrorists.