[OPINION] French Elites Shed Light on Role of Western Media in Distorting Events in Syria

During the symposium, which was held at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts on Saturday in Damascus, Syria, French novelists, Frederic Pichon, and, Richard Millet, reviewed role of the western media, the French in particular, in conveying a misleading image of the fact of what is going on in Syria during the past years, calling for enhancing communication between the Syrian and French media institutions to raise the awareness of the European public opinion.

French novelist, Richard Millet, appreciated the Syrian people resilience in facing the war against their country, reiterating that he was within a number of French intellectuals who stood against the war on Syria since the beginning of the crisis.

Millet pointed out that some mass media deliberately worked on distorting the fact of the terrorist war hatched against Syria through portraying it in a way the matches the world capitalism which attacks Syria and shows the terrorist organizations contrary to their reality in the visual and written French press.

To talk freely about what is going on in Syria means to enter in confrontation with the public opinion led by the Western media, which portrays, in a negative way, the Russian role that helps the Syrian people defend their homeland, the French author went on to say.

Also, French novelist Pichon touched upon the historical and strategic position of Syria and its ancient culture as the cradle of civilization.

He criticized the stance of the French government towards the crisis in Syria as it didn’t take into consideration the reality and situation in Syria, asserting that the media discourse, directed to the Europeans, works on repeating certain expressions to deviate the public opinion from the facts of the ongoing war on Syria.

Syria’s victory announced the end of the American hegemony and constituted a start for a multipolar era, Pichon said, adding that the war on Syria affirmed the need for respecting the nations, peoples and international law and cooperation among the countries.

Pichon saw that the victory of the Syrian people in the battlefront doesn’t mean the end of the war, but a start of a new war which is the cultural one, calling for supporting Syria in this new war.

He called for activating the role of the Syrian expatriates and for opening Syrian cultural centers abroad.

Member of the Regional Leadership of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah, called, in a statement to the source, for conveying the true image of what is going on in Syria to the European public opinion.

Dakhlallah said that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army contributed to changing the European public opinion towards the terrorist war waged against Syria .



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