Syrian Opposition Does Not Expect Transitional Process Launch In Geneva

The tensions at the intra-Syrian peace talks have eased, but it is too early to speak of the transitional process launch, Chairman of the Syrian opposition’s Moscow Group, Qadri Jamil, said.

“I don’t think this is possible [the declaration of the Syrian transitional process start at the upcoming turn of the Syrian peace talks],” he said. “To declare the transitional process, it is necessary to declare the end of the negotiations first. Under the UN resolution (Resolution 2254 on Syria), the negotiations are to be held during six months, after which the transitional process of 18 months will start.”

Jamil assumed that some formal starting points might be articulated at the next round of the talks according to the plan set out in Resolution 2254. He specified that he was not familiar with any specific plans on this point.

The leader of the Syrian opposition’s Moscow platform noted improvements in the Syrian peace talks, as could be seen from the expert meetings on constitutional issues held on June 15 – June 16 in Geneva.

“We can say that they have been successful, for the first time in the Geneva peace process after the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2254. Firstly, all platforms of the opposition were gathered to form one group; secondly, all platforms shared their opinions regarding constitutional issues and discussed them thoroughly,” the chairman said. “There are, of course, some controversial points, but it became clear that everyone can be tolerant to others and, apart from the controversies, there are common points, which prevail.”

Jamil also confirmed that, following the expert meetings, the UN experts advanced an initiative to hold a new meeting on July 3; however, the decision on a new full-format round had not been taken at the time yet. “If the negotiations are to be held on July 10, I don’t think a new round of expert negotiations will be needed,” Jamil added.





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